I’m Janna Goldstein – I go by Jay and use they/them pronouns. I’m a software developer at Impact Institute, an ambitious organisation where we try to fix the economy by looking at non-financial values and costs. Outside of work, you could say that I take a little more of a “take down the system” sort of approach 😉

I was previously a PhD research student in the Astrophysics and Space Research group at the University of Birmingham. I worked on research related to Gravitational Waves, which are, well, waves in space – I mean, waves made of space – by, er, gravity, sort of. You can be assured it’s a real thing because they have been measured by LIGO, which is an giant apparatus consisting mainly of two laser beams.

I like to draw/paint – mostly in ink with pen as well as brush so I’m not sure what to call it – and you can find some of my work on the art page. Additionally, I am interested in a bunch of nerdy things such as board games, Magic: The Gathering, and fun maths videos on Youtube. 

email: janna[at]
download my [outdated] CV